Gift Ideas: 8 Of Our Top Book Picks For Xmas

Struggling to think of what to get for a few people this year? Let us make your xmas shopping that bit easier by compiling a list of top quality books people you know will love. 

In this list, we’re recommending books we’ve read or used on the recent episodes, or books from people we’ve had the pleasure and honour of interviewing for the series.

So, if you’re struggling to think of some good suggestions for gifts this xmas or need a decent stocking filler, these books are all fascinating, thought provoking and entertaining reads that are a solid xmas gift idea.

Once A Cop – Corey Pegues

Corey pegues once a copHow do you go from a crack cocaine dealer in New York City in the 1980s, to becoming one of the most distinguished NYPD police chiefs ever?

Well, allow Corey Pegues to explain in his first award winning book. He spoke to us on episode 1, about his thoughts on legalising drugs about whether he thought it would help reduce violence.

As someone who has experience the underworld on both sides of the law, Pegues provides incredible first hand issues on the subject.

If you’re looking for a exciting, gripping and inspiring read, Once A Cop is the perfect book.

The Driver In The Driverless Car – Vivek Wadhwa & Alex Salkever

Driver in driverless car bookIn episode 3, we explored the impact that automation, self driving cars and robotics could have on your job. Is it at risk, are we headed for a jobless dystopian future or are our fears being slightly exaggerated?

We spoke to the co-author of this best selling book Alex Salkever about some of the issues and concerns raised and how we should venture into the future to avoid the worst case scenario.

Long listed for the Financial Times Best Business Book of 2017, this is a great gift idea for the concerned techie this xmas.

Owen Fitzpatrick – The Charismatic Edge

The Charismatic Edge BookPsychologist, international speaker and best selling author Owen Fitzpatrick spoke on episode 2 about the science and psychology of influence.

In the episode Planet of The Influencers, we delved into the exploding world of influencer marketing and tried to shed some light on peoples’ obsession with influencing and persuading others.

In his best selling book, Owen uncovers the psychology of influence and it’s packed with solid information, tips and strategies to help with public speaking, humour, sales, influence and more.

A gem of a book for the ambitious professional this xmas.

Giving Out Yards – Tara Flynn

tara flynn book giving out yardsComedian, actress and writer Tara Flynn spoke on episode 4 about offensiveness and the importance of reminding ourselves it can be easy to theorise about ideas, but others have to live those on a daily basis.

As a comedian, she often uses humour and satire to prod various different social ideas and in this hilarious book, she defines what it means to be Irish in 21st century life.

Mainly complaining if we’re all being honest. A brilliant read and a perfect gift idea this Christmas.


What To Do When Machines Do Everything

what-to-do-when-machines-do-everything-bookWhen the panic over the fear of robots taking your job becomes too much to bare, pick up this book and breath a sigh of relief.

Paul Roehrig, a co-author and head of Cognizant’s Digital Business organisation, takes a rational, level headed and optimistic approach to the future impact robots could have on the world.

Sure, there will be some impacts and job losses, but not as much as those portrayed in the media. He also gives a brilliant 5 step AHEAD model so that you can take advantage of the changing times, father than fall victim to them.

A great book for anyone interested in the future world of work.

So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed – Jon Ronson

Jon ronson shamed bookIn the 5th episode of the Project 10 Podcast series, currently not released yet, we’re talking about the ever controversial idea of trial by social media.

2017 saw numerous allegations come out against people in power, Time magazine even paid tribute to those victims by naming them collectively as the people of the year.

But are there moral, legal and ethical concerns we should be aware of?

In this brilliant book, author Jon Ronson speaks to a range of people who have been publicly and viscously shamed online, often losing their livelihoods, regardless of the seriousness of their discretions.

Some were for plagiarism, some for poorly constructed tweets and some for more heinous offences.

If you’re interested the the positive and negative impacts that social media shaming is having, get this book. It’s amazingly enlightening and challenging and stay tuned for episode 5, where we’re talking to everyone from philosophers of technology to expert historians on Irish witch hunting.

The Good Room – David McWilliams

the good room david mcwilliamsDavid McWilliams appeared on episode 1, giving his views as an economist and Irish citizen on the current drug situation in Ireland.

He has authored numerous books exposing various aspects of Irish society and the latest in that series is The Good Room.

In it, he demonstrates the long term impact austerity and debt is having on ordinary Irish people and how things didn’t have to be as severe.

An important sobering read to help any Irish person make sense of the post recession world we’re living in.



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