Project 10 is delighted to be included in this year’s Dublin Podcast Festival. 

Into it’s second year the festival has grown from strength to strength and features some of the biggest names in Irish and international podcasts. From Adam Buxton to Blindboy, some of the podcasting heavyweights will be forming the line up at this years event.

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Some worrying news has largely gone under the radar. Most people are entirely unaware of the current threats that are facing the cacao plant. That heavenly plant we need to give us chocolate.

This is a case of such concern, that certain scientists have claimed that if we do not come up with a solution for this problem, chocolate could be gone by the year 2040. Terrifying.

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In the latest episode on the series, we explore the impact automation, artificial intelligence and robotics will have on the future of work.

Depending on where you get your information from, you could be fearing a jobless Blade Runner future or an abundant fulfilling one where energy is free, boring jobs are done by our robot slaves and nobody wants for anything.

During the research, we came across a variety of sources, but found these 3 to be the best in giving a diverse range in their views for the future and the impact technology will have on your job.

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Corey Pegues is a retired NYPD police chief who started life selling crack cocaine on the streets of New York City when he was a young teenager.

He miraculously changed his entire life and left the crime behind him. He took to fighting the violence and social problems that drugs and criminal gangs bring with them into local communities and speaks to Cormac Moore on episode one of the Project 10 Podcast about life on both sides of the law.

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In the first episode of the Project 10 podcast series, the area of legalising drugs to reduce crime is explored. 

One of the experts who features is Dr Mark Thornton, who completed his PhD on the economics of prohibition era America. Having looked into the data from the past when America outlawed the sale and consumption of alcohol, Dr Thornton has drawn comparisons to the current prohibition on drugs.

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