Project 10 Breaks 100k Downloads And Set To Air On Irish Radio

It’s been a fantastic month for Project 10 as we can announce that the series has broke 100k downloads and is being picked up by Dublin station Q102.

The series broke the 100k download mark with the release of the last episode on Why We Get Offended and has garnered interest from several stations around the country.

Dublin’s Q102

As part of their Christmas Documentary Series the Dublin station will broadcast our episodes on legalising drugs, automation stealing your job and why we get offended.

Dates and Times

The episodes will air on the 27th, 28th and 29th of December at 6pm.

Getting the backing of such a large an established broadcaster is a huge boost for the series and we’d like to thank everyone who has listened, liked and shared the episodes. It’s very much appreciated.

We would also we would like to extend our thanks to Dublin’s Q102 for backing and believing in the quality of the series enough to give it valuable air time.

We also hope that this sheds light on the quality of content that is available in the wider Irish independent podcasting community and that it may encourage others to look to the community for new talent, content and shows.



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