Press Release – Official Launch of Project 10 Podcast Series

Project 10 podcast is a 10 part series exploring a range of controversial, topical and thought provoking ideas.

What does a former crack cocaine dealer turned NYPD police chief have to say about legalising drugs? What happened the murder rate in the United States when alcohol was prohibited? Is there evidence to show that drug dealing might improve the the standard of living in some impoverished communities in Ireland?

Those are just some of the questions explored in the first episode of the Project 10 podcast series: ‘Legalising Drugs – Will It Finally End Violent Crime?’

Corey Pegues former drug dealer turned cop

The episode features fascinating interviews with a former crack dealer turned NYPD police chief Corey Pegues, Dr Mark Thornton who is an expert on the economics of prohibition era America, Irish author and economist David McWilliams and Dr Johnny Connolly who conducted the largest ever study into the illicit drug market in Ireland in 2014.

The series is hosted and produced by comedian and radio presenter Cormac Moore, who is taking a look at some of the issues affecting society now and into the near future.

The first 2 episodes are available for download now and the second one, ‘Planet of the Influencers’ explores the growing area of influencer marketing and the serious concerns many have with the marketing practice.

Speaking about the series Cormac Moore said:

“I’m a huge fan of podcasts and wanted to challenge myself to produce something that I hope people will find interesting. I’ve been working on this for about a year now and have been lucky enough to interview some incredibly interesting people who have amazing stories, insights and experiences that I can’t wait for people to hear. I really think they’ll like them.”.

Future episodes will explore automation and it’s impact on your job, the problem with fake news and how and why people get offended.

The Project 10 Podcast series can be downloaded now on iTunes and Podbean and is available from also.

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