Irish Online Ad Spend Breaks €400 Million in 2016

Online advertising spending in Ireland increased significantly in 2016, up to a total of  €445 million according to the latest report by the IAB and PwC

That figures is up from the €340 million that was spent in 2015.

Although there is no specific figure for ‘influencer marketing‘, what is interesting to note is that brands are spending twice as much on social media in 2016 as they were the year previous.

Social Media Ad Spend

Social Media spend is up to €114m, which represents an 133% increase  from 2015 and according to the report, €1 out of every €2 spent online is spent on mobile advertising.

Mobile ad revenue is now worth €231m in Ireland with advertisers capitalising on the fact that 80% of Irish people own a smartphone – up from 75% in 2015.

Planet of The Influencers

In the second episode of the Project 10 Podcast series, influencer marketing in Ireland is explored. With more people growing frustrated with the term and brands engaging in bad practises with it, this area of marketing has never been more topical.

You can listen to that episode on iTunes, Soundcloud and online here.

View the infographic below:

Irish ad spend 2016






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