Season 1,

Episode 2 – Planet of the Influencers

August 15, 2017

More and more people are taking to their social media profiles and declaring themselves “Influencers”. But what exactly is an influencer? What do they do and are they effective at doing it? And why are more and more people growing to hate the term and the so called “influencers” themselves.

In this episode Cormac Moore chats to a range of people about this lucrative area of online marketing. The good, the bad and the dangerous is explored in this episode.

Marketing experts, media CEOS, doctors, psychologists all feature on this episode that looks into what exactly influencers are, and what exactly influence is.


Andrew Murray TBWAAndrew Murray

Andrew Murray is director of social media and content at TBWA and over his career has developed social media strategies for brands such as  Guinness, Vodafone, Electric Ireland, McDonald’s, Laya Healthcare, BMW, Coca Cola, Failte Ireland.

He has intimate knowledge of the pros and cons of ‘influencer marketing’ and shares his concerns he has with it on this episode.

Twitter: @AndrewMurrayer

eimear mc cormack bdifferent marketingEimear McCormack

Eimear McCormack is the managing director of BDifferent marketing in Dublin. She has over 10 years experience across a vast range of marketing disciplines and is a frequent contributor on various national radio shows.

She speaks to Cormac about some of the negative behaviours that she has encountered with influencers and shares her opinion on where she thinks the entire industry is going in relation to this new form of marketing.

Twitter: Eimear McCormack 

Dr Ciara Kelly InfluencersDr. Ciara Kelly

Dr Ciara Kelly is a GP, broadcaster and award winning columnist.

She presents her own weekly show on Newstalk FM  Alive and Kicking on Saturday mornings from 9 – 10am and has writes a weekly column in the Sunday Independent, titled Doctor’s Orders.

She speaks to Cormac about the dangers influencers pose when they begin to give out unqualified diet and health advice to their followers. She speaks about 2 specific and dangerous cases that revolve around starvation diets and advise on how to treat cancer with certain nutritional approaches.

Twitter: @CiaraKellyDoc

Owen-Fitzpatrick influenceOwen Fitzpatrick

Owen Fitzpatrick is an International best selling author, globetrotting psychologist, trainer and speaker who is regarded as a leading expert on Influence.

Cormac speaks to Owen about the psychology behind influence and why we have such desires to influence those around us.

Twitter: @OwenFitzp

Ciara O'Doherty InfluencerCiara O’Doherty

Ciara O’Doherty is a freelance TV presenter, fashion writer, stylist and self proclaimed ‘Influencer’.

In this episode she openly speaks to Cormac about her perspectives on influencer marketing, what’s both good and bad about it and about the thousands of euro she has had to turn down for various campaigns.

Twitter: @CiaraODoherty

Niall McGarry InfluencersNiall McGarry

Niall McGarry is an entrepreneur and founder of Maximum Media, the parent company of the hugely successful Irish websites and

He has been vocal on his views on the topics of influencer marketing and speaks to Cormac about why he thinks it will all come to a crashing end very soon.

Twitter: @MrNiallMcGarry

Orla-Twomey-new-CEO-of-ASAI-1-350x350Orla Twomey

Orla Twomey is the CEO of the Advertising Standards Association of Ireland.

She reveals some of the breaches in the code of practice influencers may be making, how they could be implicated by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission and what exactly are the new guidelines in place for online social media influencers that have recently been released.

Twitter: @TwomeyO



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