Season 1,

Episode 4 – Why Do We Get Offended?

December 06, 2017

Why do we get offended? Is there an evolutionary reason and purpose for it and what are some of the social pros and cons to being morally outraged?

In this new age of outrage we live in, is it right to say we people are too easily offended and hypersensitive, or is that an easy excuse to not address some of the many problems we face in society?

Featuring on this episode:

james damore google interviewJames Damore

The former google employee penned an internal Google memo that was caused so much offence and outrage that he cost his job. In an exclusive Irish interview he gives his version of event and talks about why he thinks the document caused so much offence with so many.

Twitter: @JamesADamore 


why do we get offended stephanie prestonProf Stephanie Preston

A professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, she reveals the biological basis for why and how we get offended, she talks about costless behaviour, virtue signalling and revealed preferences.




zachary-rothschild moral outrageDr Zachary Rothschild

He recently published a research paper titled: A cleansing fire: Moral outrage alleviates guilt and buffers threats to one’s moral identity. He has undertaken extensive research into the individual driver forces behind expressing moral outrage.

Here’s his academic website.



Tara Flynn Podcast OffenceTara Flynn

Writer, comedian and actres Tara Flynn shares her views on offence and how she uses comedy to address what some people view as controversial or offensive issues like the Repeal The 8th campaign.

Twitter: @TaraFlynn



declan mc loughin BAIDeclan McLoughin

Compliance and policy manager with the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, Declan reveals what is and isn’t considered offensive content from their perspective.




Shawn Smith podcast offenceDr Shawn Smith

A clinical psychologist based in Colorado, he explains exactly what is a hypersensitive person is and how to manage when people may unjustly use shame to shut down important discussions.



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