Season 1,

Episode 3 – Coming Over Here Takin’ Our Jobs

October 26, 2017

Is your job safe from automation, artificial intelligence and robotics? 

In episode 3 of the Project 10 Podcast series, Cormac speaks to a range of experts about the growing levels of fear and panic when it comes to technology and automation encroaching on people’s jobs.

With certain Oxford Studies claiming up to 47% of the workforce could be replaced by automation by 2034, is there a real reason you should be concerned for the future of your work, or are things being blown out of proportion?


Alex Salkever

Former VP of marketing for Mozilla, Alex is a consultant to a number of top tech firms and co authored a best selling book, ‘The Driver in The Driverless Car’. The book was long-listed by the Financial Times and McKinsey as one of their best business books of 2017.



heather knight automation and roboticsDr Heather Knight

Having competed a postdoc at Stanford University and obtaining a PhD in robotics from Carnegie Mellon University, Dr Heather Knight created the world’s first stand up comedy robot which was unveiled to the world at a TED Women talk in 2011.

She reveals her reasons why she created Data the stand up comedy robot and how robots and automation is affected the world.


paul-roehrig automationPaul Roehrig

Paul Roehrig is Cognizant’s Digital Business Chief Strategy Officer and co author of the best selling book, “What To Do When Machines Do Everything”.

He speaks on this episode about how their will be disruptions to jobs by automation, but that’s it’s not as bad as is made out in the media.


Irving-Wladawsky-Berger auotmation podcastDr Irving Wladasky-Berger

An IBM exec for over 37 years and now a visiting professor at MIT, Dr Wladasky-Berger regularly writes on the topic of automation and it’s impact on the wider economy and future of work.

He shares his insights about technological revolutions from the past, what happened and how we adapted and how we can use that to move into the future.


Driver In The Driverless Care – Alex Salkever & Vivek Wadhwa

How Technology is Changing Jobs and Enterprise – International Labour Organisation.

Rise of The Robots – Martin Ford

The Future of Employment: How Susceptible Are Jobs to Computerisation?  – Carl Benedict Frey & Michael Osbourne.

The Future of Jobs – World Economic Forum

What To Do When Machines Do Everything – Paul Roehrig, Ben Pring & Malcom Frank.

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